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Costumes, Crafts and Medieval Stone Carving

St Andrews

Everyone's a winner with this weekend of family friendly fun in St Andrews.

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19th May

St Andrews Preservation Trust

Modern St Andrews


Come and witness the launch of a new summer exhibition 'Modern St Andrews'. As well as the exhibition itself, there will be a range of activities to be enjoyed by all ages. There will be workshops, handling sessions, speakers, dressing up and games to play, all focusing on the decades from the 1950s up to the present day.

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12:30 pm

Lunch at the British Golf Museum Cafe
Enjoy panoramic views and a kid friendly menu at the museum cafe.

British Golf Museum

Trophy Making Kid's Craft Workshop


What does it take to win a trophy? How would you feel if you won The Open? Discover the history of golf championships and create your very own trophy, inspired by our collections.

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Sunday 20th May

St Andrews Castle & Cathedral

Martyrs, Masons and Monarchs at St Andrews Castle & Cathedral


Enjoy archery, stone carving, and re-enactments at St Andrews Caslte and Cathedral. Visit these two fascinating sites 700 years after the consecration of the cathedral by Robert the Bruce to learn how stonemasons constructed medieval buildings, meet characters from the past, and handle real artefacts excavated by archaeologists.Free entry for HES Members/Explorer pass holders.

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